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The New Form of Slavery is Real

Preliminary Read

 Your Dystopian Future is Being Laid Out for You!

"I don't want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers" John D. Rockefeller


Oh Really, Is This All There is to Human Existence?

The Makings of an American Gulag

"Prisons are the prototypes for the future community at large—for the world outside the prison gates. They are emblematic of the disempowerment and exploitation that corporations seek to inflict on all workers. If corporate power continues to disembowel the country, life outside prison will soon resemble life in prison."

The New Normal for All Workers will Also be the "Choice"
 of Wage Slavery / Human Rental or Debt Servitude

And It's Already Begun with the Yoke of Debt Slavery
in Your Student Loans

Slavery through the Larger National Economy

Any Type of Slavery Involves a Master and a Slave

 Modern Day Slavery Exists through the Economy Itself and the
 Slave Master is the Parasitic Financial Power

Through their System of Mammon, i.e. serving, uplifting and multiplying Money
on the backs of all, (instead of serving, uplifting and multiplying Human
 happiness for the upliftment of all), we find both Wage and Debt
 Slavery also known as Financial or Economic Slavery that
 has you chained for life
in order for you to not
 simply live, but only to survive.

The Wage and Debt Slavery exists in the larger Macro or National economy,
 and will remain so  until all are able to see the immorality and
 criminality of it
through the Money Lenders' imposition
 of Usury, i.e. interest that creates exploding and
 life-long loans through the life-cycle of
 Human existence, and how the
 Macro or National economy is
 planned to maintain
 the enslaved and
 of all.

Impoverished Nations and Peoples
 (of the "Third World")

Barely Surviving, If at All

Remembering Kevin Carter and at the Core of Every Human being
 is their Innate Compassion and Humanity

'Modern' World

— Living Simply to Survive

The Loss of our Humanity through a System that Does Not Work for our Humanity
A System that Serves Money and Not Human beings

The Slave Master's WhipMega Monopoly Capitalism

Along with the Money-Lenders' Macro Economy of Wage and Debt Slavery is Mega
   Monopoly Capitalism's destruction of the natural capacity of the Human to live
 in a sacred, i.e. meaningful harmony with the Earth and Nature as it
 connects to our own inner spirituality, health and vitality. 

The Native Americans  and all other ancient, Indigenous peoples of the world, such as the Amazonian Indians and the Australian Aboriginals known as the "First Peoples," i.e. our Planet's ANCESTORS, are able to give us  a glimpse into this world that we are to interact with.

"Be Always in Harmony with the Earth, Do Not Destroy Nor Harm, Nor Put out of the Natural Order [through What is Done on the Earth or to the Earth].  What we Do to the Earth, we Do to Ourselves.  The Earth is our Mother, and we All Exist in a Larger, Sacred Connection to the Universe and the Sacred Source of All Life we All part of.  What we do to the Earth we also do to Ourselves.  Be also aware of Earth's and Nature's sacred energies and rhythms of Creation.  Work in harmony with them in order to evolve to greater depths of knowledge and Life on Earthwith the Sacredthat we give you through our knowledge.  Most of all Do No Harm to the Earth, and her Life.  The Earth Mother loves us, as we Love her.  As she takes care of us, We must take care of her."

"You need to ask, who are you, why you're here, where you're going,".... 
We know who we are as Aboriginal people.  It's in our language,
 dreaming country. We're waiting for all people to listen and
 hear what we hear so that we can connect
 and belong together"
Article here

Human beings have a sacred connection to the Natural Law
 of the Greater Universe through the Love and Light in their Hearts

Our natural Home is not simply the Universe, but the Moral and Spiritual Universe
our Lode Star for the Human race on Earth through which our Hearts and Minds
 connect consciously for our right, true, safe and fulfilled direction.

In the larger context of our authentic Human journey, our Lode Star connects to Divine purpose
as we exist in the physical realm as individualized, creative sparks of Divine Purpose.

Martin Luther King Jr., pointed to the Human Race' larger connection
within the Universe when he said:

"the Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, but it Bends towards Justice"

Our Just Path is Technology in Harmony with Nature and Natural Law as
   Depicted in the Hopi Prophecy of our Present and Future
 Free Will World
Enlightenment OR Destruction

In the above rock drawing of the Hopi prophecy, there are TWO paths for Humanity's existence on Earth, side by side, as depicted by the two horizontal lines in the drawing. 

The upper horizontal straight line depicts the path of Technology that Humans are travelling, side-by-side with the lower straight line that depicts the grounded path of the Fullness of All Life or the Sacred Spiritual Path that  encompasses Earth harmony and spiritual, moral and natural law of the Oneness and Wholeness of all Life.  The swastika, as its movement depicts, is an ancient spiritual symbol for the perpetual regeneration of all Life.

However, in time, in our Modern era, there is a break and total divergence and separation from the path of the Fullness of Life.  That break is depicted by the wavy or jagged lines in the drawing that seeks absolute power over all Life
through Technology.  The path of Technology, devoid of all Humanity and natural and spiritual law leads to the destruction and annihilation of all.  Therefore, we must shun ALL Technology that is not in harmony with the Earth, our Human Health and the well being of all Life as it exists on the Path of the Fullness of All Life and create those that are.  More on the Hopi Prophecy here.

In the meantime, the path of Technology, not on the Path of the Fullness of All Life or the Spiritual Path, will be our FINAL AND ABSOLUTE SLAVE MASTER.

“Once men turned their thinking over to machines, in the hope that this would set them free.  But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them – Frank Herbert Dune

Continuing on  the Technology Path, Devoid of the Path of the Fullness of All Life and Humanity, We will Find Ourselves as "Units"
 No longer experiencing a world as Living, Feeling, Thoughtful and Creative Beings
all of Innate Greatness and
 Goodness, but Controlled by Soulless Monsters in a Destroyed and Barren Landscape,
 Being Tortured by Life-and Earth-Harming-Technology Itself

Know This or Die


Technology that Harms Human Health and the Planet

NASA Engineer Discusses Satellite Weapons, Civilian Abuse
and Military Technology Used on American Citizens

The Dark Future Ahead through Your Tech Addiction

The Extermination of Humanity

Biotech's Dark Promise:  Involuntary Cannibalism for All

"All of our Exalted Technological Progress, Civilization for that Matter, is Comparable
 to an Axe in the Hand of a Pathological Criminal"
Albert Einstein

Weather Warfare is a "Threat Multiplier"


What We Must Do for the Health and Proper
 Functionality of the Planet
and All Life on It

Getting Back to the Path of the
 Fullness of All Life As the Planet's Ancestors Asked Us

All Life is to be Cared For, Including the Planet Itself,
 through an Ethical and Humane System

"Human Beings are Not Meant to be Controlled, but Rather, Nurtured" Andrew Gavin Marshall

Our own higher, individual purpose on the Planet exists at the highest level of the
 Pyramid of Human Needs and connects each and every individual to their
 Greater Purpose in Life
with Source or the Divine Spark
 and Light in All.

The Slave Master's whip of Mechanization, Modernization and Mass Production of everything has
in tandem with the Money Lenders' Systemstolen and destroyed the Human being's
 own full Creative potential and Individual purpose on the Earth

Moral Technology in Harmony with the Planet

A partnership exists between humanity and Nature. When the relationship is optimum, they work for a mutual improvement whose result is PARADISE. When humanity bends Nature out of shape for the purpose of blind self interest then the result is Hell. Paradise on Earth and Hell on Earth are the two prime options, with a chiaroscuro fan that opens between them. Balance is the trademark of the one end and imbalance is the accelerating condition on the other.” Dog Poet              

The Full Hopi Prophecy

What is Moral is Also Good, What is Good is also Gentle
 and What is Gentle is "No Harm"
All as One Over Arching Concept

Ludicrous Thinking
"You have to Destroy a Village in Order to Save it"

or "You have to Kill the Human Population in Order to Save it" Nonsense

"Benoit did a good job here of hitting the most salient points when countering the JWO's ludicrous justifications for murdering 7 Billion people in order to "save" the planet for the 500 million worker slaves they can control with AI computers.  This is a big planet with enough living space and food production capabilities to handle a FAR larger population than what we currently have. Japan is a good example of how LOTS of people can live in a relatively small area and be perfectly comfortable and at ease with their neighbors and have no symptoms of so-called "over population." 

North America alone could easily sustain a 4 fold increase in the total human population and STILL  have plenty of open spaces. Food production could be increased one hundred fold if we merely employ already-known, but largely suppressed, "secrets" of increasing the yield and the size of crops. As Benoit mentioned, praying ALONE can bring bumper crops to those who realize the Power of Prayer. How about building a few hundred thousand Les Brown-style outdoor (or indoor) pyramids for growing crops that will give you three times more harvests per year and produce strawberries the size of apples? 

How about using the vortex spun structured water idea of Viktor Schauberger to water crops and watch them produce a yield that's double that of conventional irrigation? How about employing the aether physics of ORMUS technology and watch crop production go into orbit?  We wouldn't have to spend a dime for electricity because it's so easy to produce it for next to nothing employing Tesla's Radiant Energy discovery of the 1890s which he attempted to put into production with his Wardynclyffe Tower on Long Island in 1905, but was shut down and cut off at the knees by the JWO's JP Morgan. How about running cars on murdered inventor Stanley Meyers water fuel cell instead of gasoline? How about Australia's Joe Booker, orgone accumulator cell ("The Joe Cell") for running cars, planes, and factories? How about Yul Brown's "Brown's Gas" generator to supply all the home electricity we need for pennies?  Or we can use Thomas Moray's 1930s invention that LITERALLY pulled electricity right out of the air! 

There's no limit to what can be accomplished by a society ruled by compassionate and moral, Godly people in order to comfortably accommodate population growth. However, until we do something about the demented JWO Satanic psychopaths [link added] who currently run the show, we're just gonna have to keep on a wishin' and a-hopin' .....

Or maybe not. 

Time to clean house? 

Ken Adachi

The Power of Prayer is Our Prime Interactive Technology
with Source and Creation Itself


Wouldn't We Rather:

A Nurturing System and Environment for All Life
Through the Peace Planet Party Way
Here, Here and Here

In other words, Imagine, through the Pyramid of Human Needs that another
 Way or Life and World is possible
that we ALL wantJust, Happy,
 Thriving, Abundant and Joyful for All People here,
and everywhere.

In the Human being's true purpose on Earth, free from the Master and Slave Relationship
 and its Whip, Human beings are Created to Invent, Create, Make and Innovate in
 Complete Harmony with the Earth, Nature, and Nature's own
 Energies, Systems and Eco Systems

 All in the context of  "Do No Harm"as the True Essence, Ethic and Embodiment of
the Human soul itself
and a Guiding and Key Principle in any Good, True,
 Beautiful and Right System, Inner to Outer, National and Beyond
 National that Serves and Uplifts All
as America herself
 is Meant to be:

"O, yes I say it plain, America never was America to me,
And yet I swear this oath
America will be!"

The early, 20th century, black American poet and bard,
 Langston Hughes

America Will Be

"Money will no longer be master but become the servant of humanity"

"America's Destiny is Not Power [Brute Force, Tyranny,
Corporate Rule, War, Weaponry,  and Militarism], But Light" Benjamin Franklin

America was Never About
 "Black vs White"


The Present Day, 'Clash of Civilizations,' 'Divide and Conquer' Media Narrative of  'Islam vs Christianity'

 or "Islam vs America" for that Matter

But Simply Black and White (and the rest of the Human race) Together, Pulling as One Humanity ("Under God" in all its Religious and Cultural Diversity) and


Throwing Off Its Satanic Slave Master System that Also Constantly Seeks to Divide, Conquer and Cause Continual, Ongoing Conflict, Ginned Up Racism and False Flag Oppression within some Segment of the Human race and the American Nation Herself.

A Light Unto the Nations Should It Be Once Again

"Can it be, that Providence has not connected the permanent felicity of a Nation with its virtue? The experiment, at least, is recommended by every sentiment which ennobles human Nature"
George Washington

The Religious Basis and Creation of the American Declaration of Independence

Make Gentle the Life of this World"
Robert F. Kennedy

Because we are the Human Family and are our Brothers' Keeper
as God gave us to be, with each other, the Human Race, the Children of God

Tesla and Einstein

Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate
 goal the betterment of humanity
Nikola Tesla

Invention is the most important product of man’s creative brain.
 The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind
 over the material world, the harnessing of human
 nature to human needs
Nikola Tesla

Of all the frictional resistances, the one that most retards human movement
 is ignorance, what Buddha called, ‘the greatest evil in the world

Natural Solutions Are the Right Choice
 to Both Create and Live By

The Peace Planet Party Way Conference Center