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Peace Planet Party WAY

"The Care of Human Life and Happiness, and not Their Destruction, is the First and Only Object of Good Government" Thomas Jefferson

Another Happier Way of Life and World is Possible

Human Beings are Created to
Invent, Create and Innovate in Complete Harmony

with the Earth and the Earth's
own Energies and Systems

"Do No Harm" is a Guiding and Key
Principle in any Good, True,
Beautiful and Right System

Human Purpose is Harnessed for the Fullfillment of Every Human Being's Need on the Planet

through the
Pyramid of Human Needs


Politics Divides and Deceives

All of Humanity's and the Planet's Needs are through the Peace Planet Party Way System













Your Freedom Lies in What You Don't Know
and Can Know

The New Form of Slavery is Real

Poverty, Debt, Militarism, Destruction and Endless War is Humanity's New Future

Happy with That?

It Does not Have to Be


Half of Americans are In or Near Poverty

US College Students Can't  Afford Meals

The Number Of Americans Living In Their Vehicles "Explodes" As The Middle Class Collapses


Creating the Debt Millstone throughout the Whole Life Cycle of the Young Human

$100,000 + Student Debt Stories

There are Over 101 Americans with Over  $1 Million in Student Loans

The Great Con of All Time is Not College, but Wall Street and Their Banks Scam Economy Itself

The Evil Uni-Bank Alliance

One Generation Away from the Total Enslavement of Americans

The Financial Orchestration of the Death of the American Dream

Monetizing People

The System is Set Up to Profit from the Misery it has Created

Mass Incarceration In America

The United States is the Largest Prison Camp in the World

Even the Poor Do Not Escape from the Institutionalized Predatory Financial System

Despite 'Recovery', Millennials Face Future of Less Wealth, More Work, Worse Health











Individual Purpose in the Path of the Fullness
 of All Life in Total Freedom

The Loss of our Humanity through a System that Does Not Work for our Humanity,
Nor Nurtures our Innate Greatness and Goodness

Preliminary Read Your Dystopian Future

Freeing oneself from Modern Slavery also Means
 Freeing Oneself from its Whip.

In Order to be Truly Free, One must be Free of both the Slave Master
   (the Macro or National Economy) and Its Whip (Mega Monopoly Capitalism)

The Health & Wealth Dynamic will Break Your
 Chain of Financial Slavery

1.  Health

The Foundation Upon which the Rest of your Life Hangs

Until America's Foundation Can be Restarted, and to be Free of
  the Master and Slave Relationship and the Slave Master's
 Whip, it is highly important for individuals to protect
 and maintain their HEALTH.

Why is one's Health so Important?

The ancient Greek Philosopher, Herophillies said,

"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest,
 strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless, and reason is powerless."

Wealth is Powerless without your Health, and without your Health you
 cannot have life nor fulfill your Divine creative purpose that is
uniquely yours on the Planet.

Therefore you must protect and maintain your health to an optimal level in order to be
 all that you can be, and to accomplish all that your celestial soul spark yearns.

Health is thus KEY to Human life and YOUR OWN PRECIOUS PURPOSE on Earth.

What is True Health?

True Health is About Protecting and Fortifying Your Own Natural Health
 By Protecting Your Cells from Toxins, Harm and Damage

Both Externally and Internally

Two Types of Health Tracks:

Natural Health OR Allopathic Medicine 

Plan B

Allopathic Medicine

Definition:  A practice that treats disease by the use of mostly toxic drugs and surgery;

Method:  Reactive

How it Sees the Body:  As a mechanistic model of separate, but joined
 component parts
as in the inner workings of a wrist watch;

How it Treats the Body:  Mostly through harmful and damaging
 drugs, expensive hospital stays, and the risky nature
 of all surgeries;

Its Effects and Side Effects:  Death, maiming and
 further harm and complications

Its After Effects:  An endless cycle of research for an endless
 cycle of deaths and maiming;

How it Began:  By Mega Monopoly Capitalists;

Its true Motivation:  Perpetual Profit.

Further Articles of Interest

* * *

Plan A

Natural Health

Definition:  A practice that proactively works to assist the body in warding
 off illnesses and degenerative diseases;

Method:  Proactive and is Illness and Disease Prevention

How it Sees the Body:  As a holistic model of an amazing, miraculous and
 wondrous functioning network of self-healing, synergistic capabilities
 with a highly powerful and effective natural immune system;

How it Treats the Body:  Through high grade natural supplements, organic foods,
 natural solutions, remedies and right choices that are in harmony with the
 whole body and the Earth
, while mitigating the harmful effects of the
 external environment;

Its Side Effects:  None;

Its After effects:  Good, vibrant, overflowing and abundant health,
  energy and well being as the propellant for a quality,
 purposeful and meaningful life;

How it began:  With All the ancient Wisdom civilizations of Humankind, including
 the ancient Greek (West) and Vedic (East) that had the scientifically,
 integrated, holistic view of the Human being in the natural
 context of the Universe, the Earth, the Human mind,
 the individual, the soul, character,
 ethics, and health.

Its true Motivation:  From the Socratic injunction:  "Know Thyself"

in order that you may discover that you are not mere machine
 nor mortal of the physical dimension for that matter,
 but have depths that go far beyond to the
  eternal and timeless and
 the miraculous. 

Getting to greater depths of the Human being's "being" is achieved through the
 integrated and Holistic view of life
as the Ancient civilizations, through
 their wisdom, ethics, moral thought and metaphysical philosophy,
 have given to Enlighten Humankind's thought and
 knowledge for a life worth living
 in the ultimate Greater
 Purpose of a higher

Honor the Body, as It Honors You

The Internal Workings of the Human Body Do Not Match Allopathic
 Medicine's Mechanistic Model, But Natural Health's
 Model of a Highly Self-Aware, Miraculous
 Healing Organism

Able to Do All That it it Does on the Foundational

The Importance of
High Grade Natural
 Health Supplements

Our Soils no Longer Contain the Nutrients we Need in our Food to Prevent Illness
 and Disease and to stay Well and Healthy and Allow the Body
 to Do All that it Does throughout our Life Time

What Happened?

"Our Immunity Very Much Parallels
 the Immunity of the Land" 
Empty Harvest by Dr. Jensen

Soil Depletion

America's Soils are the Worst in the World!

Vitamins Don't Work without Minerals, and
Mineral Deficiency Linked to Every Disease and Sickness

There is a Widespread and Increasing Deficiency of
 Vitamin D in World Populations which Leads to Chronic Disease and Cancer

Your Natural Health:  Articles of Interest

The Amazing Finding on Inmates and Natural Supplements

You Do not Have Healthcare.
  You Suffer Under Disease Management Control

Your Self-Healing Body

Enzymes, Cancer and Healthy Blood Pressure

China’s Botanical Medicine. The Reality of Natural Medicine.
 China’s Traditional Herbology


Plan B

Plan A

As Allopathic or Reactive Medicine is the Creation of Mega Monopoly
for Simply the Profit Motive in Perpetuity, the Natural
 Health Track Allows One to be

FREE of the Slave Master

 the Macro or National Economy AND its Whip

Mega Monopoly Capitalism through the
 Health and Wealth Dynamic

Two Examples of the Master and Slave
 Hierarchical Dynamic

Capitalism's Hierarchy

Communism's Hierarchy

2.  Networks

Networks of the Health and Wealth Dynamic
are Not Hierarchical Like the Master and Slave Dynamic

Observe in Nature that all aspects of Life (have purpose) and work through networks
  and create synergy that benefits each and all of the Whole.  Synergistic
 networks of life are found in the inner levels of life, such as in the
 Human body, and outer levels of life, such as the Ecology of
 the planet
and from the micro levels of life such as our
 blood capillaries and the sap in trees to the macro
 levels of life such as the solar system
and the Universe itself.

Networks are therefore foundational to how Life itself works and
  are the path of least resistance to functionality and success,
 and at the same time, also synergistically supported to
 unbounded possibilities of success for one
 and all.


The character of Networks therefore exist in a Help Not Harm dynamic,
 where benefiting one, at the same time, benefits the Whole
 as one would think of someone or something as
 having SOUL. 

All Life, and every element of it, as they work synergistically
 in Networks therefore have soul, and if there is Soul,
 there is also consciousness

The Native Americans perceived the Planet itself, the Earth Mother,
 as having SOUL and One with them
, and in our modern terms,
the Planet is referred to as "Gaia"

In a Soul Network of many levels, we also find there is a
 "reaching down" in order to lift "the other up"

Nature Shows Us How it's Done on the Planet

One reaches down in order to lift the other up.

"He ain't heavy, he's my brother"

The nature of SOUL or network in the Help not Harm dynamic
 is naturally to extend itself for a hand-up in an EQUAL
 footing to itself (in contrast to hierarchical), in order
 that that life too, may live and MAINTAIN itself
 in its full integrity.

We now know the TRUE dynamic,
  basis and operating principle of Life itself.

Health Networks Wealth

3.  Wealth

Work Work Work

So Says the Slave Master

the Parasitic Financial Power of the Nation's Economy


This is Us

 and Its Whip

Mega Monopoly Capitalism.


This is Them

True Wealth Works in Harmony with Health

Health is Foundational to Life Itself

All Success
Body-Mind-Soulis Therefore through a Soul Network

as the Basis of Life

What a Soul Network can Do

*Lay down the financial foundation for your Divine purpose,
while maintaining your optimal health in order to see
 you through your life time;

* Throw off the need for an employer;

* Throw off the life-time drudgery of a 9 - 5;

* Allow you to move through the Pyramid of Human Needs without the yoke of debt slavery;

* Allow you to confidently forego the expensive and mostly ineffective "health" system;

* Generate a life time of income for yourself and be able to pass it onto your children;

* Live your dreams and your new-found freedom;

*Time is now your own
to now make it the time of your life!

The Knowledge that Set You Free

To Be


And All that You Can Be

Congratulations, you have now mentally broken free from the Master and Slave dynamic,
 and the Slave Master's Whip of its Oppressive and Life-inhibiting Machinery

And now changing gears toward your own Spirit through
 the Path of the Fullness of All Life in Total Freedom

Through a Soul Network Income

 “Purpose is the essential element of you.  It is the reason you are on the planet at this
particular time in history.  Your very existence is wrapped up in the things you
 are here to fulfill"
Chadwick Bosemen, Howard University
 Commencement 2018