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The COVID Tyranny is the
 New Form of Oppression












True Freedom Lies in What You Don't Know
and Can Know

 We All have the Same Pyramid
 of Human Needs


Another Way of Life and World
 is Possible

Human beings are Created to Invent, Create
 and Innovate in Complete Harmony
 with the Earth and the Earth's own
 Energies and Systems

"Do No Harm" is a Guiding and Key
 Principle in any Good, True,
Beautiful and Right












Actions to Maintain a Free Nation and Livelihood

America's Liberty and Freedom was Founded on the
Security of the Creator God of Humanity

The Opening Shot of the American Declaration of Independence:

"When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."  Full text here

New York Business Owner Rips Up his 15K Govt. Fine on Live TV

Vaxxed v. Unvaxxed: Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Americans From
 Discrimination Based on Vaccination Status

"Any infringement on our Liberty Goes too Far.  We were born with inalienable rights bestowed upon us by our Creator.  They are guaranteed by the Constitution's
specifically the Bill of Rights--First through Fourteenth Amendments specifically--any infringement
on Our Freedom for Any reason is too Far.  Our Freedom Cannot End Where People's Fears Starts"
: Robbie Dinero, Business Owner, Orchard Park, New York

The U.S. Constitution is the Vanguard to Maintain, Preserve
 and Protect Liberty & Livelihood

George Washington said "Firearms are second only to the Constitution
 in importance; they are the people's liberty's teeth"

 which is the Reason the Founders wrote in the Second Amendment to the Constitution

State Governors Have No Authority To Take Away Your Civil Liberties, And Neither Does The President 

“Restrictions based on executive orders have no legal authority under the Constitution. They are color of law, not true law. Laws are debated and passed by state legislatures, not by state governors. Executive orders only apply to state employees and have no bearing on the citizenry. 

“Leftists and statists argue that during a national crisis the governor has emergency powers and states can do whatever they want. This is false. Under the constitution and the Bill of Rights, state governors do not get to proclaim a national emergency based on their personal opinion and then declare themselves dictators in response. Any "laws" exerted because of such a process are therefore null and void; they are meaningless... 

"The bottom line is this:  State government powers do not supersede the Bill of Rights.  Federal government powers do not supersede the Bill of Rights.  NO ONE has the legal power to take away our inherent liberties.  Those that claim otherwise have something to gain from your enslavement.

"The bottom line is this:  State government powers do not supersede the Bill of Rights.  Federal government powers do not supersede the Bill of Rights.  NO ONE has the legal power to take away your inherent liberties.  Those that claim otherwise have something to gain from your enslavement."


Rebellion Is Needed To Put A Stop To The Fear Machine

“In closing, there are endless reasons why we must end the pandemic lockdown agenda once and for all. Most importantly, the lockdowns, mask orders and vaccine plans are a stepping stone to something much worse - Medical tyranny and centralization on an unprecedented scale. I will not personally follow such rules because they are not scientifically or morally sound. They are nonsense designed to frighten the public into complacency and consent. 

“A rebellion against such measures would be very easy to win. All we have to do is refuse to follow their mandates. What are they going to do? Lock up millions of people? Shoot us? That would sort of defeat the supposed purpose of the very measures they demand we follow. And, if it comes to violence, so be it. I have no problem fighting to defend my freedoms and the freedoms of future generations. Perhaps it is time for conservatives and moderates that stand against the lockdowns to organize for this possible future.”

Brandon Smith The Case for Mass Rebellion

COVID:  Open Letter to Business Owners

Masks Perpetuate the Elevated Levels
 of Fear. Stop Wearing Them

"They are dehumanizing and signal compliance
 with the ongoing public health tyranny"

DON'T Get a PCR Test

A Few Good Marines

Our Freedoms Don't End Where Their Fears Begin

"We Will Not Comply"
Americans from Coast to
 Coast Defy COVID Orders

"Robby Dinero, a former Marine who owns the gym, told the NBC affiliate he called the meeting as a protest of the harsh restrictions being implemented for a second time.

“'I am a local business owner. My business is now shut down for the second time, so I posted on Facebook that anybody that wanted to fight back, any other business owners that wanted to learn how we could fight back against New York State, could join me for a protest at my gym,' Dinero said.

"The video was taken by blogger Tim Walton, who also shared comments from one business owner who wished to remain anonymous.

"'We are struggling. Our livelihoods have been taken. Our income has been controlled. Our freedoms have been taken away and many of us are about to lose everything we’ve worked for and they want us to sit there and not stand up?' the individual said.

“'How can they tell you to close your business, then argue that you can’t even meet to come up with ways to survive — and meanwhile there’s no help from the government and very few elected officials even standing up for businesses and it’s starting to be noticed,' he added." see here

"The New Normal Citizens in Charge"

Make Americans Free Again — Litigation

Thriving Restaurant Never Shut Down
and Rejects Masks!

Owner of 25 Detroit Restaurants Reportedly Asks Fellow Restaurant Owners
to Defy Michigan Governor's Ban on Indoor Dining:  'We Need to
Take Action'

Canadians Fight Back with Thomas Jefferson on Their Side

Lawsuit Against Montana Governor,
Steve Bullock

The Agenda of the Government

Hurting the Children

"The System is Set Up to Kill People Right Now"

4-Year-Old Almost Dies due to Lung Infection Caused by Prolonged
 Mask Wearing – Doctor Rants “How Many Children Must Die?”

Need to "Fu**ing Take Down the Government" says Irate Mom

Stepped Solution Do It for Your Children

“As government schools become increasingly aggressive in indoctrinating children and sidelining parents, it should come as no surprise that officials feel entitled to sic the police on concerned moms. Taxpayers and parents everywhere should take note” – see here

German Lawyer "'The Panic Paper' Make Children Feel Responsible for the Tortured
Deaths of their Parents and Grandparents if They Don't Adhere to All These Anti-Corona Regulations"

The Greatest DEADLY Hoax Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public

"All testing should stop because the false numbers are “driving public hysteria"

Top Pathologist Claims Coronavirus is “The Greatest Hoax
 Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public”

Wildly Inaccurate PCR Testing Puts the Scam
in the COVID 19 Scamdemic
by Giuseppe Vafanculo

Anatomy of a Great Lie:  The COVID 19
'Second Wave' is Pure Deception

An International Group of Lawyers Have Brought a Lawsuit that the
COVID Pandemic is an Orchestrated Hoax on Behalf of
Pharmaceutical Profits and Police State Control

Paul Craig Roberts, Former Assistant Secretary for the Treasury
During the Regan Administration 

Text here

Video here

COVID Fraud:  Lawyers File Action Against
Corrupt Australian Government

More Pieces of the Deadly Hoax
 (A Conspiracy Against We, The People)

Hospitals Being Paid to Diagnose COVID
and Put People on Respirators
to Kill Them

Everyone Dances to the COVID Tune, Why?


Let me be clear: this is a matter of personal responsibility and not a matter of law enforcement,” Barnes said in a statement.  Orange County Sheriff’s deputies will not be dispatched to, or respond to calls for service to enforce compliance with face coverings, social gatherings, or stay-at-home orders only. Deputies will respond to calls for potential criminal behavior and for the protection of life or property” Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes

Law Enforcement Actions

A Manner Most Fitting to Law Enforcement:

"Each member of the Police Force is to Act in a manner which:  Places integrity above all;  Upholds the rule of law; Preserves the rights and freedoms of individuals; Seeks to improve the quality of life by community involvement in policing;  Strives for citizen and police personal satisfaction;  Capitalises on the wealth of human resources;  Makes efficient and economical use of public resources;  and Ensures that authority is exercised responsibly."

Cops for COVID Truth

 Australian Police Blow Whistle Spectacularly on Corona Virus Deception

“Our governments have locked down the healthy, instead of better protecting the vulnerable. More than 80% of those with COVID-19 have either very mild symptoms, or none at all. Asymptomatic transmission is highly unlikely (between 0 & 2%) and yet the government remains wedded to locking down its people, causing catastrophic social and economic harm. Even the World Health Organization do not advocate for lockdowns as the primary means of controlling the virus. Yet the police are expected to continue to enforce these measures and at risk of being forced to vaccinate against a disease that is showing not to be virulent, with a vaccine that has had no long-term safety studies and then forcing it upon the population” – see here

French Army Officers Join Growing Global Resistance

"The opening preface includes a note from the head of the investigative group stating that they have found 'the identification of obvious corruption and an agenda contrary to public welfare, culminating in criminal and genocidal intent, and the implementation of a totalitarian state, which are reported in our conclusions'” see here

  Get Representatives to be Compliant with Your Demands


Resist Annihilation IGNORE All COVID Related Orders, Use Civil Disobedience,
Citizen's Arrest, Prosecute, Hold Liable, and Return to a Better,
Heart-Centered, Human Level of HUMANITY'S Normal

Assert the United States Constitution and Constitutional Sheriffs in All States

Get All Small Businesses Back Up and Running Again
and Other Legal Recourse to the Faked Pandemic


"JUST SAY NO.  No one has a right to your DNA.  No one has a right to accuse
 you of killing people with diseases you do not have."

Dr Igor Shepherd M.D.,  Speaks About the Chinese Made COVID Vaccine,
Communism, Treason and the Destruction of America

The Mother of All Tyrannies (1)

Ghana President Confirmed World Lockdown Plot

The Mother of All Tyrannies: (2)

World Leaders are Planning New Lock Downs to Introduce
 the World Debt Reset Program which includes Universal
 Basic Income and Vaccination Requirements

see here

 "If Enough Rebel — It Won't Happen"

"She warns that America is at a crossroads, and that if people do not stop blindly obeying authority, that the U.S. will very soon be just like Nazi Germany was in WWII, as she sees the same things happening here in the U.S. now Vera Sharav — Holocaust Survivor — see here

"Make America Free Again"

“In sum, this is a government that routinely undermines the Constitution and rides roughshod over the rights of the citizenry.

"This is not a government that believes in, let alone upholds, freedom.

"So where does that leave us?

"As always, the first step begins with “we the people.”

Those who gave us the Constitution and the Bill of Rights believed that the government exists at the behest of its citizens. It is there to protect, defend and even enhance our freedoms, not violate them. Our power as a citizenry comes from our ability to agree and stand united on certain freedom principles that should be non-negotiable.

"It was no idle happenstance that the Constitution opens with these three powerful words: “We the people.” In other words, we have the power to make and break the government. We are the masters and they are the servants. We the American people—the citizenry—are the arbiters and ultimate guardians of America’s welfare, defense, liberty, laws and prosperity.

"As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, we have managed to keep the wolf at bay so far. Barely.

"Our national priorities need to be re-prioritized. For instance, some argue that we need to make America great again. I, for one, would prefer to make America free again.”

 John W. Whitehead Constitutional Attorney, The Rutherford Institute

Open Letter to Patriots Everywhere
John Rappoport

Not All Superheroes have a Red Cape and Boots.....Do Not Consent

The Deadly Hoax Continued

How the Covid "Health Measures" are
 Quickening Your Death




"You should be aware that this vaccine changes your DNA forever. If something goes wrong, it cannot be "corrected" or healed. It may create a permanent defect that might also be passed on to your children and children's children. Even if nothing goes "wrong", you are no longer yourself, as your DNA has been changed permanently" Peter Koenig — an economist and geopolitical analyst. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization.

Pray This Prayer Until the Whole Earth
has been Liberated from the Money Changers

"Prayer of Command"

"In his Name and By the Power of His Cross and Blood, I ask Jesus
 to bind any evil spirits
, forces, and powers of the earth, air, fire
 or water, of the netherworld and the satanic forces
 controlling nature

By the Power of the Holy Spirit and by His Authority, I ask Jesus Christ
 to break any curses, hexes or spells and send them back to
 where they came from, if it be his Holy Will. 

I beseech thee Lord Jesus to protect us by pouring Thy Precious Blood on us,
 all, The Children of Light, which Thou has shed for us and I ask Thee
 to command that any departing spirits leave quietly, without
 disturbance, and go straight to Thy Cross
 to dispose of as Thou sees fit.

I ask Thee to bind any demonic interaction, interplay or communications.
  I place America under the Protection of the Blood of Jesus Christ
 which he shed for us." 


America's True Path Once and For All